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Prodigious Powder, Season 2 February 5, 2012

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This is the second season of my campaign to replace the word “epic” with the word “prodigious” in ski/snowboard vernacular. The e-word has been growing in popularity the last few years to where now, just about anything can be “EPIC.” Forget that its actual intent is to describe things of heroic or grand scale.

Odysseus is allowed to use this word.

Joe Schmo is not allowed to use this word when talking about a burrito.

While powder days are some of the most fun moments in life, still….not epic. Unless you have a powder day that lasts for 10 years, requires the survival of several massive avalanches and jumping crevasses that have monsters that try to snatch you and drag you in. All while trying to save an entire mountain town from total annihilation. I suppose that would be pretty epic.

Prodigious is a much better fit. Especially this season since it refers to abnormal happenings. With storms less frequent than typical, a powder day is prodigious indeed. Here are some pictures from a few I’ve been blessed to enjoy recently.

A foot of new snow at Snowmass

Ann Driggers in afternoon pow at Snowmass

My pal Carrie enjoying the trees and boulders at Powderhorn

This wasn’t a powder day, but the other night a few of us hiked up Powderhorn under a nearly full moon and enjoyed some night skiing.


That John Denvers full of… January 24, 2011

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If you’ve seen Dumb and Dumber, you know how the line goes. Thankfully he wasn’t full of it, Aspen is an awesome place. Especially for skiing, backpacking and people watching.

Yesterday our pack of chicas enjoyed a day on Aspen Mountain with fresh snow and sun. Right away we met a lady from Guest Services who told us where all the good stuff was. And she insisted we pose with Highlands Bowl as our 5th buddy. There it is between our group. If you’ve never hiked the bowl, wait for the next storm and as the famous philosopher NIKE said, just do it.

We found the goods all over the place. This is Walsh’s run looking out into the Independence area.

I like Leah’s airplane impression

The view toward Conundrum Valley. Also a great place to backpack in the summer. You end up at some hot springs! All outdoor activities should end with hot springs.

With all that sun, my goggle tan is off to a great start. Or rather, my probability of skin cancer is increasing…


Freshies Are Fun December 14, 2010

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Grand Junction and the Grand Mesa are suffering from a weather phenomena known as “the donut hole effect.” Storms come straight for us, then split, hit to the north and south, then regroup to hammer all the other ski resorts east of Powderhorn.

It’s very frustrating.

This week I’ll most likely be announcing the postponement of Powderhorn’s opening day. Please don’t shoot the messenger.

On Saturday some friends and I packed up the skis and headed for snowy mountains in Aspen. Snowmass is one of my favorite mountains I’ve skied. We arrived to 8+ inches of snow and still snowing heavily.

Emily, Leah, Carrie

Leah in some light blower snow

I’m trying to get that nice wind-blown supermodel commercial look. Actually I was freezing my butt off all morning and this warmed me up nicely. After lunch I realized I had had my pit vents open the whole time. No wonder I was shivering uncontrollably!

Emily is looking a little sinister with that snowball…

What a fun day!


Where the Beer Flows Like Wine January 12, 2010

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I escaped yesterday and headed to Aspen. We skied Snowmass, one of my favorite mountains. Unfortunately they lacked a “mass” of snow…but it was still fun. Even just their groomers are fun because they’re huge, long and full of rollers.

It must have been “wear a dorky hat day” because we saw LOTS. Here’s a sample….

This is what all my ski hats are missing. HORNS.

I feel it’s important to mention a GUY was wearing this one

Is it a kid or a panda? hmmm

From the top of Elk Camp you get a great view of the Maroon Bells

We did some goofing around in the kiddie park…

because we have no business being on anything bigger

Thankfully we found some spots in the trees with good snow and I even got a whole 4 turns in untracked fluff. But if you aspire to ski the Cirque or wall off the Sheer Bliss lift, it’s a minefield out there, good luck.

Oh and apres in Aspen is great at Cantina Restaurant. Their house margarita is SO good and only $3 during Happy Hour. Plus you can get a great plate of nachos for $6. Our whole bill was $10 for two of us!