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Road Trip Games August 7, 2011

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I’m in the car a lot; traveling to ski resorts, 14ers, Moab or Wyoming. My usual adventure buddies and I have developed some car games that keep us quite entertained as the miles tick by. It goes a little farther than “I Spy.” Here are the games we’ve thoroughly developed so far. What are yours?

What’s That in the Road?

Guess what animal that bloody heap once was. Or guess what the object is lying in the road. Shoe? Racoon? Tire rubber? Players have to make guesses before passing the object. Note: it’s oftentimes impossible to verify a winner considering some items are unidentifiable even if you were to pull over and examine it.

What’s on the Truck?

The group has to figure out (or make it up) what they think the cargo on a semi-truck is used for, or what it will be assembled into. The person with an answer must completely justify their response by giving verbal blueprints. Previous games have resulted in: a rocket ship, a bomb and a carnival ride (that I’m sure was actually some kind of oil field equipment and not a carnival ride).

This is Your Life

One person selects a car nearby. The rest of the group develops an entire life story of the person driving using complete stereotypes based only on what you can see. For example, an easy one: guy driving a beige minivan, complete glazed over look in his eyes, wife up front, 3 kids in the back.



Ski Wyoming March 16, 2011

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I was fortunate enough to make a quick trip north to ski the region of the bucking horse. The chicas and I hit Grand Targhee and Jackson Hole on our let’s-pretend-we’re-still-in-college spring break roadtrip. I really love the Jackson area and the incredible mountains. Two days is never enough but I’m thankful for the time!

We spotted this guy while driving through some small town in either Colorado, Utah, Idaho or Wyoming…it’s hard to say which it was.

We had some pretty sweet accomodations at the Barber “cabin”. In fact, getting to the cabin was pretty interesting. From the highway to the cabin is about 1/4 mile. When we pulled up, the whole thing was under several feet of snow. There wasn’t even a space to pull one of our cars off the highway. So we did our best not to block traffic while figuring out what to do. There was a good amount of rubber necking from the locals as 4 girls and 3 dogs stood on the side of the road. Eventually we discovered that Rancher Randy (I don’t remember his real name and wouldn’t use it anyhow) next door was supposed to plow the road. Unfortunately Rancher Randy was out of town but his daughter was home. She let us park our cars next to the horse pasture so we could hike into the cabin. So, with arms full of bags and gear, we hiked through straw and snow…and a nice layer of horse poo. The horses thought this was quite the event. A fuzzy colt tried multiple times to steal my bag and did succeed at one point in stealing a dog bed from Mari. Eventually we made it to the cabin. While Carrie and Mari went on a food run, Leah and I hand-shoveled a parking area for our cars so we didn’t have to bother Rancher Randy’s horses….or have any items stolen by the fuzzy colt. I love Wyoming.

Mari, Carrie and Leah taking in our first views around Grand Targhee. The mountain was in a cloud all morning.

About to drop in to another sweet run at Targhee

Leah popping out of some frosty Targhee trees with potato land in the background

Carrie’s turn to get off the snow

I was pretty bummed that the clouds had kept us from the view of the backside of the Tetons all day. But as we drove down from Targhee, we rounded a corner and were treated to this view…

We saw approximately 3,251 elk on this trip…not counting the antlers in Jackson town square

Taking in the grand view of the Grand Tetons

I think this one looks like an album cover for some all chick folk band. Too bad I can only play the wieny whistle.

If I wasn’t such a sissypants, I’d wanna climb that thing.

Day 2 we hit Jackson Hole…where it was raining at the base area and a snowy cloud on top. It was still a fun day despite finding the saturation point of Gortex.

Once we rang out the gloves we went directly to the good ‘ol Mangy Moose refueling station.

We had a great couple days, our legs were good and tired, and it was time to head back to responsibility. So we slowly transitioned from mountains to desert. From bucking horses to staring mountain goats…

Flaming Gorge

Having only gotten a tan on the lower half of my face, I was tempted to even it out.

And just before reaching home, we found where they’ve been keeping all the fossils!


A Penny Saved February 12, 2011

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A penny saved is a penny more for gas this summer. Supposedly gas could flirt with the $5 mark. Yipes! That’ll really hurt the road trip budget. I wish our cars could run off of garbage like in Back to the Future 2. I have plenty of garbage.

My group of usual road trip participants has started saving now. We’re planning an amazing Wyoming tour this summer to include 2 backpacking trips, a peak summit, International Climbers Festival, hot springs and of course, Sheridan WYO Rodeo.

I’ll come clean…I’ve been known to dip into the jar occasionally to top off the coffee fund for the day. So a stiff 300% interest penalty was established. It’s probably fair.


How to take on the Winter X Games January 15, 2011

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It’s the biggest FREE winter event in our area. Also some of the best people watching outside of an airport. Winter X Games 15 is almost here.
Check out the article I wrote for to get the inside scoop on the event.

Click here

Here are some pics from my past spectatorship at Winter X…

Tanner Hall in the superpipe

Simon Dumont in the pipe

Olympic snowboarder Kelly Clark…and some random kid who appears to have a crush on Kelly


Fine Art of Road Tripping January 12, 2011

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It dawned on me yesterday that it’s going on 10 years that I’ve lived in Grand Junction. Whoa. Time is moving too fast.

In that amount of time I can estimate conservatively that I’ve taken at least 100 road trips for various activities. That has helped me compile some pretty extensive hands-on research that I’m now putting into articles for

I've only written a few so far, but check them out if you like! Click here.


Sheeeeeeep November 22, 2010

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Every year I head for Sheridan, WY on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. And every year I get caught in a herd of sheep around Meeker, CO.

It’s all country fun until you speed up and sheep poo flings all over your car.


Forgotten Video November 16, 2010

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You know when you find a $10 bill in the pocket of a jacket? It’s a jackpot for me and I’m off to the coffee shop for a guilt-free peppermint mocha. Maybe even the medium this time. Splurge, I know.

Today I found video I took in Uganda this summer. I never got around to downloading it after the trip and discovering it today was a jackpot experience. I’ve been wanting to go back, but unfortunately found out yesterday that the trip isn’t happening this year. So watching the video is a little bittersweet, but it’s my little Africa fix.

This is footage of bouncing in the vans, Sipi Falls and two different churches (Aminit from 2009 trip and Onyokello from this year).