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Prodigious Powder, Season 2 February 5, 2012

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This is the second season of my campaign to replace the word “epic” with the word “prodigious” in ski/snowboard vernacular. The e-word has been growing in popularity the last few years to where now, just about anything can be “EPIC.” Forget that its actual intent is to describe things of heroic or grand scale.

Odysseus is allowed to use this word.

Joe Schmo is not allowed to use this word when talking about a burrito.

While powder days are some of the most fun moments in life, still….not epic. Unless you have a powder day that lasts for 10 years, requires the survival of several massive avalanches and jumping crevasses that have monsters that try to snatch you and drag you in. All while trying to save an entire mountain town from total annihilation. I suppose that would be pretty epic.

Prodigious is a much better fit. Especially this season since it refers to abnormal happenings. With storms less frequent than typical, a powder day is prodigious indeed. Here are some pictures from a few I’ve been blessed to enjoy recently.

A foot of new snow at Snowmass

Ann Driggers in afternoon pow at Snowmass

My pal Carrie enjoying the trees and boulders at Powderhorn

This wasn’t a powder day, but the other night a few of us hiked up Powderhorn under a nearly full moon and enjoyed some night skiing.


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