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Home for Christmas January 6, 2012

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For the first time in years, I got to spend Christmas in Sheridan with my family! The new job enabled me to take off for 11 days to hang out with family, ski and ride crash snowmobiles.

We’ll get to that.

But first, check out the awesome Christmas sunrises from my Mom’s back door

And God finished the day off with an evening show as well.

My Stepdad & Mom have the Honda dealership in Sheridan. They also have all the fun powersport toys. The day after Christmas, my stepdad put me on a fancy new snowmobile from the shop and we buzzed around the Big Horns.

I’ve only snowmobiled a few times and they were in high school. So I watched him and tried to follow what he did, jumping one side to the other to turn and keep it on the trail. Besides a couple dumps here and there, it was going well. Then, on our way back on Red Grade road, I was trying to keep up…I had just glanced at my speedometer and I was going 30 into this curve. Why? I have no idea. You would never take a corner in a car at 30. Duh Sarah. Well it turned out to be even sharper than I thought. I quickly realized it probably wasn’t going to work out. I tried to put my weight on the right side but it was too late…the thing was going over. So I let go and slide on my head then hip across the road and into the snow. Thank God there wasn’t a barbwire fence there. The shiny new snowmobile completely rolled and ended up upside down.


My Dad, brother and I took Kiaya, my 6 year old niece, skiing for the first time. She did amazingly well! No issues standing, turning and no fear of the chairlift.

In fact she was all about speed. Better get your skis on dad!

Ski Meadowlark is definitely the smallest ski area I’ve ever skied, but it has great views of the Cloud Peak Wilderness Area. There’s also a big log lodge with giant fireplace. I would guess there were only about 50 people there. It was honestly my most fun ski day yet this season!

Allow me one more sunset shot. This one on the way home from skiing.

This was the first time in 7 years that our entire Allen/Weber family was together for Christmas. A complete family photo was almost an endangered species, so we saved it.

And now to end it with one random picture. One of the buffalo that live in Sheridan.


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