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What the blog? December 13, 2011

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I haven’t checked into this here blog thing for a few weeks. It’s still getting lots of traffic every day…why? Shucks that makes me feel guilty for not coming here myself.

Things I’ve been doing rather than visit my blog:

Desk Jockey-ing. And they said December was supposed to be dead…psh.

Playing outside. My bike is officially trashed from this riding season. With all the sounds it’s making, it has its own one-man-band going like Dick Van Dyke’s character in Mary Poppins.

Reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s biography. To sum up what I’ve learned: most of us are theological pansies. It’s challenging me and I love it.

Watching The Godfather trilogy. I’ve wanted to see these classic American movies for years but the time commitment…wow! Each movie is at least a few hours long. I’m through Part II and now understand where all other gangster-style references originated. However, it gets in your head. Like the other night when I let the dog out, I wondered if someone was in the backyard ready to shoot me. And when I saw a house for sale in my neighborhood and thought, “I would love that house but its way out of my price range.” My next immediate thought was, “maybe I can find someone to make them an offer they can’t refuse.” What the heck? Time to take a Godfather break.

Which brings me to the next time-filler: Househunting. Ugh. I don’t like adult decisions.

Finding Grand Junction’s Clark Griswold. I love Christmas lights. And I love neighborhoods that really go all out. I’ve been riding my cruiser bike around at night checking out the displays. Found this one recently, the best so far!

I’ll be outta here soon on an 11 day break. I hope to ski Montana, Wyoming and Colorado in that time. And most importantly, spend Jesus’ Birthday with my family for the first time in years! Have a great Christmas everyone.


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