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Things I would rather do that watch “The Tree of Life” again November 15, 2011

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Have you ever been completely mislead by a movie trailer?

The trailer makes the plot look clear, interesting and it has some very good actors in it. So you make the purchase and settle in. Afterwards you feel like that time was hijacked and you have that terrible knowledge that you’re out 5 bucks and 2 hours of your life.

That, my friends, is the movie “The Tree of Life.”

If you watch the trailer you’ll think it’s about a boy growing up in the 1950s in Texas. It’s not. Well random, fleeting parts of it are but without any plot and therefore no plot resolution. And when you’re expecting it to be about a Texas family in the 50s and a random Discovery Channel Planet Earth section cuts in with DINOSAURS you’re wondering if you accidentally sat on the remote. What the ?? If you’re like me, you’ll be a poor sap that clings to ever smaller shreds of hope that something will make the movie make sense.

I’m sure there are the few masochistic people who like this movie. However, here are the things I would rather be doing than watch this movie again.

Stare directly at the sun for a full minute.

Listen to a four hour lecture on the belly button.

Follow Carrot Top on a world tour.

Drive across the U.S. in a Smart Car with 2 other people.

Watch all 12 Land Before Time movies without a bathroom break.


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