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Learning the Ropes October 10, 2011

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Due to weather and a pulled muscle in my foot, my weekend plans changed..and changed…and changed again. But I did end up dangling from a suspiciously small rope in the Colorado National Monument. My adventure buddy is on the Search & Rescue Tactical Team which means she’s the one who comes and picks you up off a cliff after you’ve done something stupid.

My only rappelling experience up to this point was at Camp Thunderbird in Wyoming when I was about 11-12 years old. At camp we rapelled off a boulder. I’m sure it was about 10 feet high but I was terrified…and my camp counselor did a terrible job of “counseling” my butt down that rock. He generally told me to buck up and quit being a baby. Add the pressure of all your friends watching and the biggest wedgie of your life…not a huge confidence booster.

But this experience was much better. I wasn’t concerned about it until we walked up to the edge…..considerably higher than I thought was necessary for a sissypants like me.

Carrie practicing with some homemade ascending apparatus thingy

The marks of a death grip

I learned a lot, got comfortable (with that height at least) and we caught a great sunset


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