Getting humbled, one way or another

From my cold dead hands October 5, 2011

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I spent last weekend at a big family gathering in Laramie, WY. My uncle and grandparents both live there….and I’m convinced that, combined, they own about 86% of the guns in the state. And for Wyoming, that’s saying a lot.

Who makes their own shooting range in their garage?

My uncle.

And it was super fun…after I got over the fear of blowing a hole through something other than the target.

I called this my Mom’s “Sarah Palin moment.” To which she replied, “Yeah, you betcha!”

Papa shooting his new gun

He was nailing bullseyes…but upon further investigation we realized he had some fancy special scope thing on his glasses. Cheater pants 😉

Other than shootin’ stuff, we enjoyed a great celebration of Meme’s 80th Birthday.

One last random photo- I saw this big guy on my way through Northern CO. One of his girlfriends walked out in front of me shortly thereafter, thankfully without incident.


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