Getting humbled, one way or another

More evidence that people are weird September 12, 2011

Filed under: Pithy attempts at humor — sarahallen24 @ 6:00 pm

The dashboard of my blog tells me what search terms people entered and then ended up on my blog. Let me tell you, there are some weird ones. These are some of my favorite that have popped up on the report:

“The world’s smallest butt”
(They didn’t find what they were looking for on my blog)

“Cowboy raccoon”
(if they exist, I’m sure they’re in Wyoming)

“Snow raccoons chasing skiers”
(sounds like those rowdy cowboy raccoons to me)

“John Denver’s wedding”
(wasn’t there, sorry, he didn’t invite me…actually I don’t think I was even born yet)

“Knee biting photos”
(of all the pictures, I don’t think I have one of those)

“Garfield’s pet force”
(I have no idea what they were actually looking for and how Google thought my blog was relevant)

“Supermodel body”


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