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Floatin’ Some Boats September 12, 2011

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The original plan for the weekend was to backpack to Conundrum hot springs above Aspen. But the forecast called for a soggy hike so Ann and I quickly revised our plans from the mountains to the river. We did a perfectly pleasant overnight float through Ruby Horsethief on the Colorado River.

I’ve never manned my own ship before. After a few steering mishaps, I got her figured out.

When we arrived at put-in, all the campsites were already booked. But thankfully a very nice river ranger hooked us up with an equally as nice family from Telluride who shared their huge site with us.

Not only did they share their site, they shared the coolest camping game…glow in the dark Bocce Ball! And under a full moon, sweet.

We had a little fun with the bocce balls. Looks like we could have made the Google logo if we tried.

Ann had quite the sleeping setup! Complete with head tent.

Floating through at Black Rocks. Being a newbie, we weren’t sure what the rapids and swirlies would be like there. I wasn’t sure if I should do it. But then we saw these girls in bikinis on paddleboards go through and our competitive spirit kicked in.

Jealous of the paddleboarders, Ann convinced me to do it anyway. My saggy drawers are a little different from the bikini clad gals though.

The temperature was perfect, we only ran into a little rain, we saw tons of bald eagles and a pack of wild turkeys. And lastly, we were almost to the takeout when something the size of a basketball flew right in front of us, falling out of the sky and landing with a loud thud in the brush of the bank. We were both wondering aloud what the heck that thing was. Well, I figured by the sound it was dead now whatever it was. Then the brush started rustling and there was loud squawking. I paddled over to investigate right as a duck popped out of the brush into the water, shaking off the crash landing. A hawk soon followed, flying back into the sky. Whoa. Hawk vs. Duck with a crash landing and they were both fine? Pretty interesting way to top off a great float!

Most of the photos are by Ann Driggers. Thanks for a great weekend!


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