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Flash Booms & Blue Lakes August 31, 2011

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I’m not sure how many times I’ve been to Blue Lakes but I bet it’s been 8-9 times by now. It’s so gorgeous I just keep going back each year and taking more people to see it. The Forest Service should hire me, I’m already running an “introduction to the awesomeness of the San Juan Forest” program. Perhaps they could just cut me a little slack on my taxes each year to compensate? No? Ok in all honesty I’d settle for a cool ranger hat.

This past weekend a gaggle of us (5 humans, 3 doggies) enjoyed the little trek, two of the group for the first time. Lisa has been looking forward to this hike for a whole year.

We camped at the trailhead, enjoyed the fire, star gazed and watched lightning way off in the distance. Lisa brought a tent the size of the house I lived in during college. So all 8 of us spread out comfortably. Around 2am I awoke to a loud rumble announcing the coming storm. My bladder told my brain that this moment was a very important opportunity that I shouldn’t ignore or I would regret it later. So I climbed over one of the gals, she decided to join in the brilliance of my bladder, and stumbled outside the tent. Immediately a flash blinded me, causing a loud HOLY CRAP which woke up the rest of the pack. It’s kinda hard to pee when KABOOOOM naturally causes muscles to tighten up.

As soon as we settled back into sleeping bags the Flash Booms really fired up and the rain came. It was an awesome storm. But thankfully the morning brought clear skies.

And Lisa made it!

Carrie swam out to this little island. After her screaming died down I chickened out. Little too cold for my blood.

The gang at lake #1. It’s so gorgeous up there!


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