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Mt. Massive August 14, 2011

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It’s perhaps the most obviously named peak in Colorado. Mt. Massive is, well….massive. It’s the second highest in the state but has several summits over 14,000 feet. I was able to sneak out recently with adventure pal Leah for a quick summit. We chose the backside route rather than the popular main route. Our route was shorter, only 8-9 miles, but significantly steeper than the main route. For 2.5 miles of the hike, you climb 3,300 feet. And just when you think you’re about to level off, your hopes are dashed by a couple false summits.

A few years back, while on a nasty backpack out of Conundrum hot springs during hours of pouring rain, Leah and I coined the rule, “You’re not even close until you’re there.” We had to start using this phrase because Leah was bonking and I kept encouraging her that, “I think the trailhead is just around this bend.” I really did think that…several times…for several miles. So my encouragement actually led to a series of punishing false hope. Therefore, I’m not longer allowed to guess at the finishing point. Instead, we’re just not even close until we’re there. The Massive hike was gorgeous, but with false summits just keep that in mind.

“The hills are alive…with the sound of music…”

Me and my farmer Joe hat

The view from the top, looking toward Aspen & Snowmass

A great treat while hiking down, wild strawberries! The flavor-to-size ratio far exceeds any of those you can buy in the store.


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