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Road Trip Games August 7, 2011

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I’m in the car a lot; traveling to ski resorts, 14ers, Moab or Wyoming. My usual adventure buddies and I have developed some car games that keep us quite entertained as the miles tick by. It goes a little farther than “I Spy.” Here are the games we’ve thoroughly developed so far. What are yours?

What’s That in the Road?

Guess what animal that bloody heap once was. Or guess what the object is lying in the road. Shoe? Racoon? Tire rubber? Players have to make guesses before passing the object. Note: it’s oftentimes impossible to verify a winner considering some items are unidentifiable even if you were to pull over and examine it.

What’s on the Truck?

The group has to figure out (or make it up) what they think the cargo on a semi-truck is used for, or what it will be assembled into. The person with an answer must completely justify their response by giving verbal blueprints. Previous games have resulted in: a rocket ship, a bomb and a carnival ride (that I’m sure was actually some kind of oil field equipment and not a carnival ride).

This is Your Life

One person selects a car nearby. The rest of the group develops an entire life story of the person driving using complete stereotypes based only on what you can see. For example, an easy one: guy driving a beige minivan, complete glazed over look in his eyes, wife up front, 3 kids in the back.



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