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Government Trail July 31, 2011

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In honor of the US Congress playing a game of chicken all weekend, I decided to check out a ride on the Government Trail in Aspen. Being named the Government Trail, one could expect it….

1) To have a bad reputation

2) To involve excessive regulations

3) To shift dramatically to the right or left every 2 miles or so

4) Could randomly end with a sign stating “DEFAULT”

Thankfully none of these things were true. The trail came highly recommended by several people. In fact it was probably the funnest ride I’ve had this season!

The trail begins at Snowmass ski resort. We took the easy way up.

We got a nice, quick warm up shooting through the trees and across the ski slopes.

The trail takes you from Snowmass to Aspen through aspen groves and meadows full of wildflowers.

About halfway along the trail we came upon a couple guys stopped on the side. One, clad in Livestrong gear, was fixing his cleat. His buddy was wearing a full Honey Stinger get-up. As we rode up I thought, “ha, that guy looks like Lance Armstrong.” When we pulled up and said Hi, I realized…”oh, that IS Lance Armstrong.” We exchanged greetings and wished each other a fun rest of the day. It was a fun little bonus on an already spectacular ride.

After splashing through creek crossings and over a couple minor rock gardens, we popped out on the slopes of Buttermilk.

From there until the pavement just outside Aspen, we enjoyed a FAST flowing ride complete with whoops and weeeeee’s all the way down.

We definitely had a more fun and successful day than the actual government! I can’t wait to come back in the fall for ride #2.


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