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Marketing Geeks Unite! July 19, 2011

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I’m a few weeks in and really enjoying my new job with RSW Partners. Come winter, I may miss the ski industry to some degree. But, as a friend pointed out, I may actually find “being a civilian” much more fun. Yea you have to pay for lift tickets, but then you can just ski. I won’t be dissecting the number of people on the mountain or noticing that departments moved my signage that I placed in that specific location for a specific reason! Sore spot.


It’s the small things that I find to be most enjoyable, such as leaving for work a mere 10 minutes to 8am. It’s nice to leave the house when it’s already light outside! Riding my sweet cruiser bike to work also makes me happy. I feel like a little kid riding to school on “picture day” and it makes me laugh. Being downtown, I have coffee shops, Pablo’s Pizza (who serves gluten-free) and the Farmer’s Market just a short walk away. I’m working on eating my way through downtown GJ.

But the best of all may be that I get to work with a whole group of marketing geeks. We think the same way and derail meetings with the same jokes. It’s awesome.

Our little band of marketing geeks are now wrassling (yes, wrassling) down the thoughts and ideas in our heads and putting them out on the WWW. Check out Puffs of Genius by clicking here. I had my first puff today…good thing I have a couple weeks to gather up enough steam for another puff.


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