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Goodbye Powderhorn June 14, 2011

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These last 6 years at Powderhorn have been incredibly fun, educational and yes, even frustrating. I’ll miss the ability to drop everything on a powder day. I’ll miss all the people. I’ll miss early morning radio shows with Mary Britt’s breakfast burritos. I’ll miss wearing ski boots and Chacos at work. I may even miss snow reporting. I just won’t miss people complaining to me that it hasn’t snowed enough. And I probably won’t miss the smell of my office in March…neither will my coworkers.

It’s time to move on to new challenges, but as I clean out my files, here are some random pictures of the last 6 years at PH…

Sometimes marketing gets confused with modeling

This is STILL my favorite crash picture (Leah on her teles)

Yes? Can we help you?

Ski Patrol to the rescue

Probably shouldn’t let the marketing girl drive a snowcat…especially at 2am.


Sometimes we had to use our specialized highly technical snow measuring instruments

This is Lil. She’s in her 90s, is legally blind, and still skis more than a lot of people. We love Lil.


For the stressful days…

The Marketing/IT department dummy launching at the first ever Dummy Jump

I have to include one of Kate, because in all her years at Powderhorn, she never made the brochure. Mostly because she wears stuff like this.

And finally my last day skiing as an employee; a perfect powder day with a champagne toast, great people and an amazing view.

Love you guys!


3 Responses to “Goodbye Powderhorn”

  1. Derrick Hamrick Says:

    This last season was my first of spending much time up at The Horn. And it made me regret not being up there more often. I loved it.
    Good luck sarah at wherever you’re headin to.

  2. Noelle Says:

    I am sooo sad P-Hiddy is being sold, and I’m sad you won’t be working there….but I do remember a certain conversation last year at the Farmer’s Market in GJ about some new adventures you may want to try out… I hope that you find your biggest adventure yet!

  3. sarahallen24 Says:

    Thanks Derrick and Noelle! Change is good for sure, but I’m still going to miss this place. It’ll be fun just being a skier now though. I’ll see you all on the slopes!

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