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3..2..1 Summer June 6, 2011

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Anyone in Colorado (and surrounding states) will tell you right now that this “spring” has been odd. Temperatures have been below normal, we’ve had late freezes, the wind has been relentless and we’ve had consecutive days of rain here in the high desert. We’re not used to much of that water from the sky thing. The mountain towns are still shoveling snow when they should be getting the BBQs out. My chiro told me of a friend in Breckenridge who said, “everyone is either depressed or drunk.”

Well all that snow is on the move now because this weekend the weather decided to make up for lost time; we jumped right into the 90s.

I got so excited about the warmth that I must have forgotten how to play in the heat. On Saturday I went out for a ruke (run/hike) in Monument Valley….at noon. I started off with a “woo hoo!” Soon I was panting and dripping sweat, sucking on my Camelback hose like a pacifier. I ran into a lot of people…who were all heading down. They started in the morning like smart people.

Independence Monument

You’d think I would have adjusted to the desert activity guidelines (get outside early) but no. On Sunday my adventure buddy and I started out at 3pm on the Butterknife trail. The thermometer read 92. Problem is, my body has been used to about 66 degrees.

Carrie on Butterknife

My energy was sucked out pretty quickly which led to a wrestling match or two with my bike. Couple the heat with about 1 billion no-see-ums (biting gnats that LOVE me) and you’ve got yourself a pretty ridiculous Sunday afternoon.

I felt totally justified in having ice cream for dinner.


One Response to “3..2..1 Summer”

  1. The heat has been killing me for the last couple of weeks.

    3pm is not the most ideal time for exercise. 😛

    In fact that has to be about the worst time of day.

    I pray every day for rain or an overcast sky to at least block out the evil sun. 120 day countdown to cooler weather.

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