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Boys of Summer June 1, 2011

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Now that I’ve been to a Rockies game, my summer has officially begun. Nevermind that it was pretty chilly at the game. The boys of summer are out and active. I like my baseball boys. I tend to get crushes on shortstops. A quick 6-4-3 double play, perhaps with a little spinning jump sidearm throw….wow.

Andi, Carrie and I at Rockies vs. St. Louis

Andi moved to Phoenix a few years ago and has gotten soft. 50 degree weather and she’s freezing. Carrie however, has been living in Colorado all along and was also freezing. She even threw on her free Todd Helton t-shirt, size XL, for another layer. Ninnies.

Fortunately I got to meet up with my mom & stepdad who were also in town. They brought my niece along so I could take her to the zoo.

A 5 year old at the zoo is super fun…and super tiring. Quotes from Kiaya:

I found the lizard!

Neat, can we go see something else?

What would that do to a person?

Dippin’ Dots!

Can I go on the carousel?

My feet hurt.

I think I’m starting to sweat.

Where is the mermaid?

Ah, I love that kiddo.


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