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What’s a Turdish Doodle Hound? May 24, 2011

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I don’t have any pets. Growing up we had great animals. There was Domino the cat who was my buddy and lived to be 20 years old. We had Claude (named after Jean Claude Killy, the ski racer), who was a hiking, biking, and garbage loving toy poodle. And most recently, the little Bonnie cat who disappeared to an unknown fate last time I was in Sheridan.

With my job keeping me away from the house for 12 hours each day, it’s really not practical for me to own a dog and my roommate is allergic to cats. So I settle just fine with my Rent-a-Pet.

Whenever I go hiking or biking, I take my trusty Rent-a-Pet. At just the cost of water, and perhaps having to clean my car more frequently, I get a very large and very goofy trail dog. Whether or not Carrie is joining me or the gang on an outing, the dog comes along. All it takes is leaving a simple note or text that reads, “I have your dog.” Hmmm…that sounds a little creepy actually.

When on the trail with the Rent-a-Pet, the consistent question from passers-by is, “What kind of dog is that?” Or simply, “What is that?” If I had a dollar for every time that question was asked, it could probably provide the gas money for all these trips. Carrie and I once counted the question being asked over 12 times while hiking up Greys Peak.

Answer: Golden Doodle

Her name is Trudy. She is also referred to as Doodle and Turder but her full distinguished name is Trudith B. Doodletin.

Leah (another friend who borrows Trudy for adventures) and I have decided to begin telling people that she is a Turdish Doodle Hound. What is that you say? Well…

Turdish Doodle Hounds hail from the Isle of Turd. This little-known nation breeds Doodle Hounds exclusively. Their purpose?

Turdish Doodle Hounds are made to seek and chase almost anything. Whether that be a bike, a skier or a lizard.

Unfortunately they’ll also chase things underground. The biggest issue is their love for fecal matter. They even have the ability to track this undesirable material subterranean.

Turdish Doodle Hounds have a tendency to think they are lap dogs.

Comfort is very important to these dogs. Once they select their “snuggle spot” they can be found snoozing there regularly, despite it being against the rules. For example, my reading chair.

If you’d like to know more about this special breed, let me know….or ask me on the trail.


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