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5am Wake Up Call May 16, 2011

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Now I remember what it was like when I was still in school. The beginning of the school year loomed over my head about one week out. From then on the clock was ticking…I had to ride bikes with friends just one last time, get that last ice cream cone in the park, get one more burger at Arctic Circle.

Like the summer break, my time of Funemployment has come to a close. The alarm went off at 5:00 this morning making me wonder 1) why is there some guy in my room talking to me? Should I be finding my softball bat for self defense? and 2) why am I getting up in the middle of the night? I’ve enjoyed snoozing until 8am lately. I also discovered that the shower knobs & shampoo bottles are difficult to operate in the alternate dimension of the early dawn hours.

But here I am back at my desk with a Big Gulp of coffee. I’m welcomed by a little over 800 emails, 10 voicemails and a stack of mail up to my knees. So as I work on emptying my inbox, which keeps locking up because I’m trying to delete so many emails at once, I’m posting a few pictures of the last couple weeks. I tried to squeeze every last drop out of the freedom.

The view of the wonderfully contoured Grand Valley from Mt. Garfield

The view from Liberty Cap, directly opposite Mt. Garfield

The Joe’s Ridge roller coaster

A night hike through Rough Canyon and part of “The Butt Crack.” Apologies to Emily, whom I incorrectly told this would be a quick 3 mile hike. When we delivered her home at 1:45am she had to be at work in just 5 hours. I owe you coffee.

I’m thankful for the rest and the play time. And I’m thankful for a job. My body will just have to come to terms with a little lifestyle shift!


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