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Funemployment May 9, 2011

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I’m currently on a “furlough” from my job. So far I’m loving it…except the whole not getting paid part. That’s not spectacular. A friend recently called her current situation “funemployed” and I think it’s very appropriate.

A couple of friends really wanted to get out of town this weekend. Since the only dry direction is west, we ended up in Moab again. They asked if I wanted to go…after checking my busy schedule of drinking coffee, reading, biking and bugging people…yep I was free and clear even at last minute.

We drove over Saturday morning and, like the other poor saps that arrive on Saturday, drove around scanning the countryside for a legal camping spot. We ended up above Onion Creek looking out over this meadow and the La Sals. I love when you can see red bluffs and snowy peaks in the same scene.

Our gaggle went for a little hike up Onion Creek

In this case, “without a paddle” isn’t a big deal

I don’t…know

A little monkey time on the boulders. What these guys don’t seem to realize is, more often than not, you can easily climb up the backside of these things. I’d say that’s a win for Sarah.

Don’t get too close for a sniff

I should be funemployed for another week at least. I’m considering taking up metal detecting…or cryptozoology (google it)…or perhaps I’ll even try to beat this guy in number of live news photobombs. Yea…I need to get off the computer.


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