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I Heart Antelope Butte April 25, 2011

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I’m visiting my family up in Sheridan, WY. This is where I grew up and learned to ski, bike, hike, etc. Somehow I missed the whole horse riding thing.

We had a great little ski area called Antelope Butte. Unfortunately the place closed down around 2005 and doesn’t have extremely high hopes of opening again. We had a blast at this place. I can still ski every little section of it in my head.

My brother and I went up and hiked it the other day. I hadn’t skied here since it was open. It was awesome seeing everything again. Of course I remember the lift being higher and the runs longer. I didn’t think I’d grown up that much…sheesh I topped out in middle school. Anyways, there are 4 main runs among the tons of other little off shoots. We called them A, B, C and D. They have acutal names but this highly technical alphabetical naming system stuck.

Gabe and I hiked up C

I reaaaaaally wanted to swipe this sign

The lift is in pretty rough shape. And buried! They’ve had a sweet amount of snow this winter.

What else was in rough shape? Gabe’s skis. He plopped these ancient artifacts down at the top and it was my first glimpse at the condition of his skis.

The poor guy had gotten so desperate to ski that he and some buddies skied the face of the mountain in “marginal” conditions. Turns out he could have skipped the snowshoes and skinned up…without needing skins.

On the headwall on B

Great snow, great runs, great place. I wish it could come back from the dead. I know a big pack of Allens that would be first in line!


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