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Spring Slickrock April 11, 2011

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The ski season just ended for us here in western Colorado. That means I get to stop sprinting for a few months! My body is still waking up at 5am thinking it’s time for the snow report. After I talk myself back to sleep, I’m probably babbling 24 hour snow totals. I’m readjusting though thanks in large part to this past weekend. I shut my phone off and headed for Moab.

It’s become a little tradition to go ride the Slickrock Trail first thing in the spring. It’s good timing as it’s not too crowded there yet and the temperatures haven’t matched the surface of the sun.

Due to the tradition of wind in the spring, we opted for some more shelter this time. This is Dan’s tent on our trip last year:

With some wind in the forecast, we took this rig:

Note: driving this rig in the wind will earn you a whopping 9 miles to the gallon…adds some extra sting to those already high gas prices.

The wind mellowed enough to have our first campfire of the season. Carrie had saved some of the Christmas tree for firestarter….I think it worked. An inventory of eyebrows took place immediately following this photo.

The adventure buddy got more adventurous than I.  Doing her monkey thing on the boulders along the Colorado River

The rock there is so cool

We loitered around town on Saturday waiting for it to hurry up and rain. Which of course it never did. But the Peace Tree Cafe is back open again which means the world is blessed with their delicious smoothie magic!

The clouds parted on Sunday and we got on the bikes.

Butt, meet bike seat. You’re gonna have to get used to each other. You’ll be spending lots of time together this summer.

A nice view for lunch

Please excuse the hairyness of the legs

And that’s the game! A great ride and a great time to slow down the pace.


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