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The Final Powderhorn Day April 4, 2011

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It came and went, very fast as usual. Yesterday was the last day of the Powderhorn ski season. That means it was my last day doing the snow report…hallelujah!

We planned a fun-filled day with BBQ and beer on the deck and the Pond Skim. All of which are perfect for nice spring skiing weather. Like all events we’ve planned this season, the weather didn’t comply with our plan. But today, the weather’s refusal to cooperate made the day 10x better. When I arrived there was at least 6″ of fresh snow. It kept dumping…all day. Powder on the last day? Fine by me!

Carrie and Leah on our first run

Mudslide has been my favorite run this season. Perfect to finish off with!

Carrie and I did neon ski outfits last year. This year we opted for the tuxedos from the classic movie Dumb & Dumber

We did one run in these getups. It may have been the coldest run I’ve ever done.

We closed the day out with the Pond Skim…well Slush Skim more like it. Trudy couldn’t quite figure out the lobster fence here….she really wanted to get through.

As we drove down out of the clouds, the valley was drying out. The perfect end to a great day that didn’t go according to plan.


One Response to “The Final Powderhorn Day”

  1. Andi Says:

    I LOVE THE TRUDY SMOOSHED FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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