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14 Reasons Why the Grand Valley is an Outdoor Paradise March 31, 2011

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This is a rough draft of a little project I’m working on…

For outdoor lovers, the Grand Valley seems to be overlooked in Colorado for places like Boulder or Ft. Collins. But I would argue that we have some of the best and most diverse outdoor adventures for any activity. And, perhaps most importantly, we don’t have to fight traffic to get out there!

1. Not too big, not too small….juuuuuuust right. The 2010 census puts Mesa County at 146,723.

2. World class biking between the Lunch Loop trails, 18 Road, Rabbit Valley, and Kokopelli system. The new Lunch Loop Bike Park has been so successful that another is being constructed at the Kokopelli system. Enough dirt for everyone!

3. Use your legs instead of wheels? Those trail systems are perfect for runners.

4. Skinny tires enjoy the road riding through orchards, vineyards, over the Colorado National Monument, or over the world’s largest flat-topped mountain. Take your pick.

5. Taking a hike after work is a perfect way to blow off steam. Mt. Garfield, Liberty Cap, Serpent’s Trail or Devil’s Canyon are just a few that are hikeable almost year-round.

6. That brings me to the next point: Very little winter driving in the valley. We all own the ‘all wheel drive’ but it rarely gets use on our commutes.

7. Skiing and snowboarding is just 45 minutes away. The Grand Mesa can act like The Grand Snowfence at times and force the clouds to drop copious amounts of snow. Powderhorn offers uncrowded slopes with sweet aspen glades. Or kick out into the backcountry throughout the mesa.

8. Multi-sport days? All the time! Go skiing in the morning then _________ in the afternoon. Fill in the blank with any of these: biking, climbing, hiking, running, golfing.

9. The Grand Valley has water. Between the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers you can do whatever floats your boat. (See what I did there?)

10. There’s rock too. All the climbing and bouldering you can get your chalky little hands on.

11. Incredible backpacking routes are within a couple hours drive: Grand Mesa, San Juan Mountains and Elk Mountains.

12.  This is canyon country. Canyoneers enjoy exploration in Dominguez Canyon, Escalante Canyon, The Colorado National Monument and McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area.

13. Post-playtime food and bevies in all directions: Hot Tomato of Fruita, Palisade Cafe of Palisade and Suehiro’s of Grand Junction just to name a few.

14. And finally, local beer and wine is flowing all over the valley! There are 18 wineries/tasting rooms, 3 breweries and our Peach Street Distillers crafts the perfect vodka.


3 Responses to “14 Reasons Why the Grand Valley is an Outdoor Paradise”

  1. Papa Says:

    Dear Sarah,
    Your mother told us of your prospect and we are thrilled for you. For at least rwo reasons. First; it is time. God moves us into slots that fits His plan. Never rebel at this. Second; don’t discount the power of prayer when your motives are pure. Just remember to save a place for “God Room”, to quote Franklin Graham. Keep your eye on the donut and not on the hole.
    God Bless,
    Meme and Papa

  2. Andi Says:

    I did not know there was a vodka distillery in GJ. Next time I come we must go!

  3. sarahallen24 Says:

    Yea it’s in Palisade!

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