Getting humbled, one way or another

Marathon Meetings March 24, 2011

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Meetings, meetings, meetings.
That’s life in the business world. We talk, discuss, debate….and if you’re my team, chase rabbit trails. Actually I don’t mind meetings much. My team is usually very productive…we just take the scenic route when making decisions. When a shiny object presents itself, one or more of us will usually get distracted.

Yesterday we had a 4 hour meeting.

When you’ve been waist-deep in data, graphs, plans and budgets it’s easy to dream of a job where you just show up, punch the clock, work, then go home. I worked at a coal mine in Montana one summer. We used to take naps on the conveyor belts of the coal plant. Ahhhh the life.

But black boogers vs. powder days….that’s right, I DO love my job!


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