Getting humbled, one way or another

Snowshoes make me feel stupid February 28, 2011

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Doesn’t the word ‘snowshoeing’ look weird? It looks misspelled doesn’t it? It’s an awkward word which is fitting perhaps because they can be awkward to operate.

Or it’s just me. That’s entirely possible.

Yesterday I went snowshoeing for first tracks on the Grand Mesa. My adventure buddy and I scoped out a spot that looked fun. The latest storm had dropped well over a foot of fresh snow….but was accompanied by 60 mph wind gusts. We found snowshoeing up our chosen run was a little complicated. The snow changed from thick and heavy to pure sugar to crust within a few steps. It’s maddening to hike through the sugar stuff. You can take ten steps and achieve a distance of only 3 feet. Man can feel great about being at the top of the food chain then be instantly limited and humbled by tiny little crystals of moisture. Grrrrrr!

Since Carrie weighs about 6 pounds, she had considerably less frustration than I.

Taking a little break on top….rodeo style apparently

Our little trek was a lot of work for about 6 turns through this glade. Bummer.

So we chalked it up to good exercise then took a shuttled run each through ‘Old Powderhorn’. Then we hiked Mesa Creek with ease thanks to a track almost as solid as a sidewalk. Probably thanks to Ann Driggers and her day of Mesa Creek laps. We had some great turns in there. The snow in the trees is especially good. Get out there!


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