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The Scraps February 12, 2011

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I went out with the boys yesterday to get the “scraps” from the last storm. Just happens that the scraps were 18+” deep. Sweet!

The four of us rode a snowmobile up one of our ski runs at 8am, then started hiking out. The benefit of the Grand Mesa being a mesa is that the hiking was nice and flat. I just scooted along on my skis. My triceps did get an awesome workout. If I keep that up I’ll have some odd looking arms.

We dropped in on a big untouched glade with a beautiful view. Here are the scraps of the pictures I took. The good stuff is saved for PH marketing purposes.

Ryan dropping in

Blower powder with the look back

Joe enjoying his line. You get points for spotting Ryan in this picture…


The view of Powderhorn


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