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Snow Show January 29, 2011

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I spent the last few days in Denver enjoying the SIA Snow Show. This is the largest gathering of ski & snowboard industry professionals in the country. You get to preview all the goods for next year, and find all the pretty/shiny objects you wish you could buy on the spot.

The show is massive! With all the lights, colors and sounds you basically wander around in a daze saying intelligent things like “ooooh” and “wooooow” and “look!”

Kelly Marlin with Grand Junction Economic Partnership unknowlingly shot the president of Volcom with a Nerf gun. He looked like he was in a pretty serious conversation at the moment. An employee put her up to it though and we were rewarded with beanies and shirts.

The Skullcandy booth was a snowboard museum!

In conjunction with the Snow Show, Denver hosted a Big Air competition right downtown, inbetween the capitol building and the city & county building. I vote this is a good use for government property.

Another shot of the jump

One Republic put on  great show along with the lights of the city & county building.

I purchased a new toy for Powderhorn from the Snow Show. A new GoPro HD video camera with helmet and chest mounts for fun point-of-view footage. I tested it out at Copper Mountain on my way home. I need to mess with the settings still (it’s pretty washed out in the lighting) but I’m basically geeking out over this new toy. Here’s a clip from skiing a nice line with soft snow from Tucker Mtn.


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