Getting humbled, one way or another

Humility January 19, 2011

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Skiing and snowboarding will keep you humble. At least it should. My Dad always told us, “if you’re not crashing, you’re not trying hard enough.”

Crashes also provide extremely good entertainment for your friends. If they’re good friends, somewhere in the outrageous laughter they’ll ask if you’re ok.

These are some of the best crash photos I’ve collected in the last few years:

Leah on her teles on an 18″ day. She landed on top of her arms and tips of her skis and couldn’t move. Dan and I were laughing so hard then realized she wasn’t getting up. Turns out she was a little pinned and was slightly worried. Poor kid…all she could hear were the muffled sounds of laughter.

Here I am going down backwards somehow…

Post crash smile

Paul doing a little exfoliation

Alex mid-cartwheel

I’m sure there will be more this season…


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