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Fine Art of Road Tripping January 12, 2011

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It dawned on me yesterday that it’s going on 10 years that I’ve lived in Grand Junction. Whoa. Time is moving too fast.

In that amount of time I can estimate conservatively that I’ve taken at least 100 road trips for various activities. That has helped me compile some pretty extensive hands-on research that I’m now putting into articles for

I've only written a few so far, but check them out if you like! Click here.


2 Responses to “Fine Art of Road Tripping”

  1. andrealweaver Says:

    I read your articles and I would have to say I really enjoyed them! It’s really funny because I just started a blog about my travel adventures ( and the first two things I have written about are a road trip I took to Colorado and then hiking Angel’s Landing in Zion, both of which you have described also. I am quite envious of all the trips you have been able to take and looking at your photography of Colorado only makes me want to go back! Keep up the good work, I can’t wait to see where you go next!
    A fellow travel blogger,

  2. sarahallen24 Says:

    Very cool! Thanks for taking the time to write Andrea. I’ll be checking out your blog and travels as well!

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