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Freshies Are Fun December 14, 2010

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Grand Junction and the Grand Mesa are suffering from a weather phenomena known as “the donut hole effect.” Storms come straight for us, then split, hit to the north and south, then regroup to hammer all the other ski resorts east of Powderhorn.

It’s very frustrating.

This week I’ll most likely be announcing the postponement of Powderhorn’s opening day. Please don’t shoot the messenger.

On Saturday some friends and I packed up the skis and headed for snowy mountains in Aspen. Snowmass is one of my favorite mountains I’ve skied. We arrived to 8+ inches of snow and still snowing heavily.

Emily, Leah, Carrie

Leah in some light blower snow

I’m trying to get that nice wind-blown supermodel commercial look. Actually I was freezing my butt off all morning and this warmed me up nicely. After lunch I realized I had had my pit vents open the whole time. No wonder I was shivering uncontrollably!

Emily is looking a little sinister with that snowball…

What a fun day!


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