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First Ski Day December 8, 2010

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A little late, but I finally got on my skis on Monday and Tuesday!

I had to go to Denver for a little work…ok literally 3 minutes of work. I did a quick interview on the Fox station over there. Alert! Good deal for those friends out there that were silly and didn’t buy a season pass. See the video here.

Anyhoo, after “work” I drove up to Loveland and got my first turns of the season. Despite preparing in the gym, my legs were traumatized on the first run. Thankfully they remembered how to ski and I enjoyed myself. I didn’t take any pictures but the views are always gorgeous there on top of the Continental Divide.

On Tuesday I skied a run here at Powderhorn. Conditions are decent on the top half of the mountain. But the bottom half, well that’s a whole other story. Our weather is schizophrenic lately. A week ago it snowed 18 inches. Now the temps are too warm to even make snow and there’s nothing promising on the horizon. I’m tempted to start my preseason panic. But why? Nothing I can do about it.

One way or another, we’ll be open soon and skiing plenty. Until then I’m heading to Aspen for my turns.


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