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Bad Dog November 29, 2010

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Thanksgiving week was just what I needed. It’s a nice little break before the winter craziness of working at a ski resort.

My roommate went back to her Texas roots for a week so I took The Doodle dog with me to Wyoming. It’s a good set up….like having a rent-a-pet. The Doodle (real name Trudy) was perplexed why she was with me and her Mom was nowhere to be found. But she went along with the plan pretty well. She even handled the 9 hour car ride like a champ.


The Doodle, in her newfound freedom from Mom, started to misbehave…

Like a freshman in college.

Exhibit A
Wednesday. While The Doodle is a very large dog, she was very afraid of our tiny cat Bonnie. Here is their forced introduction…

While The Doodle didn’t like the kitty very much, she certainly liked the kitty’s litter box. A friend referred to them as “kitty crunchies”. I wonder just how many kitty crunchies The Doodle had before I caught her.

Exhibit B
Thanksgiving Day. My Grandma was opening presents as her birthday is the following day. While everyone was watching Grandma, The Doodle went into stealth mode, snuck behind her chair and slipped her pumpkin pie right off her plate. Several witnesses cried out and I only caught the final swallow. The Doodle was banished to the backyard.

Exhibit C
Later Thanksgiving Day. The Doodle was laying next to me on the couch at my Mom’s house while I was scarfing down homemade Chex Mix from a massive bowl. As I set the bowl down to go get a glass of water, The Doodle seized her opportunity and lunged face first into the bowl. I was quick to discipline this time…she was messing with my favorite Thanksgiving treat. Chex Mix shot from her mouth as I grabbed her head and shook the remainder from her teeth. This is a public service you see, The Doodle’s stomach is very sensitive to people food and will emit the most terrible odors after consumption.

Exhibit D
Black Friday. Despite the frigid temperatures I decided to run a little of the Chex Mix off. I thought The Doodle would make a very fun companion…or at least could pull me along on the snowy streets once I got tired. With leash in hand we walked out of the garage into the street. Walking toward us, and only 25 feet away, was a very large buck. Since The Doodle is afraid of just about everything I thought she would cower and run from the deer. Instead she started barking and approached him. The buck wasn’t sure what to make of this strange animal and crossed the street. The Doodle circled behind him and started to chase. The buck took off through neighbor’s yards with The Doodle barking right on his hooves. If a neighbor had looked out their window at that moment, they would have seen a hoof, paw, foot chase. Buck -> barking dog -> screaming Sarah.

Bad Doodle.


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