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Fairy Princess November 1, 2010

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Halloween is one of the biggest holidays when you’re little. It’s the one time each year that you can dress how you would like to dress every day. And it’s the day you’re allowed to take candy from strangers.

This year my niece, Shelby, dressed up as a “fawy pwincess”. My house was her first stop and I was ready at the door with camera in hand. She ran up the sidewalk, pounded on the door and screamed TRICK OR TREAT!!!!! Then she burst through the door like a running back breaking through the tackle line with her bag ready for treats.

Here Shelby is showing off her fairy powers by harnessing the sun

Her magic wands

Here’s a pic of me (Snoopy), my brother (Alf) and two cousins on Halloween back in the kindergarten era. We were so cute once.


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