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The Last of Camping October 27, 2010

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While snow slammed Colorado and the first ski resorts in the nation opened, I was in polygamy-ville southern Utah. It may have been a stretch for one more camping/hiking trip of the season, but it worked out.

I met friends from both Phoenix and Salt Lake City at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. If we’d just had someone from California we would have completed the compass. We started off camping a couple nights at the dunes. This is a very interesting area tucked away near the Arizona border.

We were wishing for skis, or a sled at least.

Hiking up hills of sand could make you go crazy. It’s a lot of work for very little distance.

The biggest party pooper on a camping trip is rain. And we saw plenty of it. We spent the first full day in the area volunteering at Best Friends Animal Refuge. Andi and I spent the morning “walking” puppies in the rain. By “walking” I mean untangling leashes and getting pulled along by something so small yet so powerful.

Here’s my first puppy who unfortunately would not pose for a picture.

We spent the afternoon socializing (their word not mine) with cats. I love cats but I don’t have any so I thought I’d get my cat fix for the year. They have hundreds…who are lovingly cared for by very nice cat ladies. Unfortunately most of the cats were content being unsocialized and we were over it pretty quickly. Here’s where all the cat haters say “told you so.”

After our time in the animal kingdom we set out on a history lesson hike. These are some Anasazi pictographs.

They certainly picked a good spot. Wouldn’t you love to know what all this means?

I got a little camera happy about the rock on the way out of the hike…

Tiger stripes

To flee the thousands of hunters and for another new experience, we headed to Zion National Park.

The end of the trail at the Virgin River. From here you can backpack through The Narrows. I definitely want to come back for that!

A waterfall at the upper Emerald Pool

Watch out for the Zion squirrels. They love the american diet and they can open Tupperware.

The colors are amazing! This was taken under Weeping Rock

I have a bajillion more pictures but I better stop, this is already a scroll fest of a blog post.


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