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Marketing with Zero Dollars October 21, 2010

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While many marketing budgets have several zeros in their number, what do you do when your budget is defined by a single zero? Or at least close to it?

Well the last couple months I’ve been geeking out on a project. My bestie/roomate/adventure buddy is a (dang good) personal trainer and started her own business under the name Renewed Strength Fitness. I’ve been working on a small marketing plan with her- logo package, website, copy writing, photos, pricing strategies, etc. Full on nerd-mode here.

The trick is doing it with little to no cash investment. Thankfully that’s much easier now with social media, cheap website templates and a healthy dose of knowing other marketing geeks.

Here are some small business marketing ideas in no particular order:

So step 1, learn how to use the manual function on a camera. Or find someone who does. You don’t have to be a photographer, but point & shoot gives itself away quickly and can portray an image that you don’t want.

For Renewed Strength, I went in and took lots of pics to use on the web and as backgrounds. Carrie is a very different trainer from what you’d find at the walmart style gyms (Golds Gym for example). Her focus is on the body as a whole including posture analysis, core conditioning, nutrition, and even lifestyle such as the amount of sleep you’re getting. So we really needed to show some aspects of the gym to communicate the fact that there are no machines or free weight sections with 4 guys spotting one guy on a bench press.

We basically filled the gym with chalk dust for this pic

These stretchy bands (technical term) work your body far more than I expected

One of the measurements Carrie performs when you begin. It’s like a neck compass…or something.

Step 12 (remember, no rhyme or reason to the order here), identify yourself. Find someone good to design a professional logo for your business. Check out the local designers and be willing to pay design rates. It can be worth it. Avoid the urge to use an employee’s nephew who took a design class last semester in college. It’s important that designers understand the purpose of branding in addition to art.

Thanks to the incredible folks at The Lewis Agency, we got this amazing logo.

Step C, develop your website. There are a million different ways to go here. If you’re really trying to save money (as we were) there are lots of templates online that you can use. You’ll pay a minimal amount. If you go this route, make sure your copy writing is strong and you use those photos well. Avoid the fluff when copy writing and get to the point.

Carrie worked hard to build her own no-glitz website that gets the job done. It’ll always be a work in progress. Click the logo above to visit her site.

Step VII, don’t just use social media but integrate the channels. You really have to learn the etiquette with each channel- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogging etc. If you don’t take the time to do it, it’ll blow up in your face. And unfortunately when that happens, it’s out there for all to see. But your website should link to your social media and vice versa. When you add a new photo to Facebook, use TwitPic and tweet it as well. Consider placing it within a new blog post that is informational and entertaining. This stuff is free but takes your time. If you’re a small business owner, you can really use it beneficially.

Carrie has launched a blog, Facebook and Twitter page. It’s fun to see the whole package coming together.

Check her out on the following channels. Next up for Renewed Strength will be YouTube…provided she can keep a straight face and I actually hit the record button. It’s been known to happen that I fail to hit record and miss an entire event. Oops.


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