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Climbing is NOT for Sissies October 18, 2010

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While skydiving may be for sissies (see previous post), I really believe that rock climbing is NOT. Let me just answer your question preemptively, yes I can jump out of a plane…no that doesn’t make it easy to climb. It’s unexplainable yet it is my reality. Getting fatigued, then scared, then falling down the rock leaving half my skin above me does not sound like a good time. That’s assuming I can actually climb high enough to fall…

Eh, it’s what it is.

But I did enjoy watching and taking some pictures yesterday as friends Leah and Carrie clung to rock.

We went out to Unaweep Canyon just outside of Grand Junction where the rock is beautiful.

Thankfully we just missed a rain cloud.

Excited to be at least semi-useful, I held the ropes as Leah and Carrie rappelled down. Who knew you can get hurt just being the tag-along? As I was standing below holding the rope (and admittedly not paying extremely close attention), Leah kicked a small rock down which nailed me directly in the stomach. Honestly I thought someone shot me at first, that stung!

Here’s Leah getting her climb on.

Here’s Carrie

The Doodle is probably wondering what the heck her mom is doing

Leah again

I ran around like a monkey trying to get in fun spots for pictures. Somehow I managed to scrape up my legs far more than the two climbing. Proof that I can hurt myself just fine on the ground.


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