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Skydiving Is For Sissies October 11, 2010

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After years of being too afraid, I’ve found my new favorite hobby!
Warning: this post will include the cliché “conquering your fears” language.

I’m afraid of heights. I’m one of millions of people whose hands go cold and start shaking when exposed to any threat of falling. Even if it’s just 10 feet off the ground. And those few of you that don’t have this fear, well you’re just weird.

Five years ago, my Mom, grandpa and a couple friends went skydiving in the Denver area. I watched from the ground, too scared to take part. In fact the very discussion of me doing it made my stomach upset. It looked like tons of fun and I wanted to do it…but was too scared.

The topic came up again when my family planned to meet up in Denver for Labor Day weekend and jump. I thought about it for a month straight. Wanting to jump but thinking the embarrassment of peeing myself would be too much to bear. I did not reserve a spot with the group. However the day of the jump, as I drove from a friend’s house in Ft. Collins, I had a talk with God. My biggest fear about jumping was that I would get into the plane, freak out, and not be able to do it. So basically, I was afraid of being afraid. It dawned on me how stupid that is. I was praying about it and realized that I’m afraid of a lot of things in life. I get scared about the future because I can’t see it. I get scared of change and not knowing what I’m doing. Fear can rule your life. And if you know Christ, you know God. So what in the world is there to be afraid of? As I was driving to the airport in Longmont, I told God I was tired of being scared of things. And just like that, all the fear left me. I signed up to jump, shocked my family and suited up. By then all I had was excitement. And as we got our 5 minute notice, the wind kicked up and the Fourmile Canyon wildfire started. Jump cancelled.

So on Saturday my Mom, brother, best friend and I finished what was started. We jumped out of a plane in Moab, UT.

I wasn’t scared but definitely had some nerves when we took off. And once that door popped open and I swung my legs out into the wild blue yonder….I’ll admit it, a big ol’ SH——————!!!!!!!!!!! flew right out of my mouth as we front flipped out of the plane. What an incredible experience! Being eye-level with the La Salle mountains and looking down at Arches National Park. It was beautiful.

Here’s Mom coming in for landing.

The Brosef under chute. You could hear him screaming all the way down. Awesome.

Carrie and I ready to get crazy. See that plane? Yep, roughly the size of a pack of gum. The pilot was wearing a parachute. Yipes!

They took amazing pictures of us as we fell. But it’s really expensive to purchase them. So all we have are some tiny pics of the landings. Oh well, you don’t need to see what my cheeks can do when falling at 120 mph.

Me coming back to earth

All smiles

If you have even the smallest desire to do it, go for it! And call me, I’m ready to go again.


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