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Summer –>Fall September 21, 2010

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During the week my mind is deep in winter while planning for the Powderhorn ski season. I write copy about winter, look at photos from winter and talk about winter. So last weekend was a welcome relief to milk the remainder of summer.

The adventure buddy and I went to Moab for a night of camping and some bike riding. We thought it would be perfect temperature for late September, but with temps around 95 it was actually a little more like July/August.

When you see this sign, you know you’re about to have some fun!

We arrived Friday night and went to a free (yes free!) camping spot below Castleton Tower with a great view of the La Salles. This area is so interesting because it changes from redrock cliffs to alpine forest in an instant.

Carrie is from Green River, WY. In Green River there are no stock vehicles. Therefore Carrie drives a big 4Runner that is the perfect adventure mobile. Here she is getting herself out of a situation that immediately followed this statement: “I think I can make it up that.”

Notice I took the time to exit the vehicle and document whatever was about to happen.

The sand was really deep. But she used her 200 horsepower V8… rear diferential….yeah I have no idea what I’m talking about. Might as well be speaking Icelandic.

It was a great night around the sandpit campfire and a not-too-early start on Saturday morning. We drove out to the Sovereign Trail, eager to get on our bikes. Unfortunately that eagerness wore off pretty fast. In perhaps my biggest moment of optimism I felt sure I could still ride despite having just previously hurt my back at the gym. I discovered pretty fast where most of your stability comes from. I could ride but not without significant pain. This is where everyone says, “Duh Sarah.”

We played around a bit but skipped the loop and rode back the way we came.

I do love riding on slickrock.

The heat on that rock drove us into a small patch of shade for a quick break. When we got up to leave we realized we had been sitting in tree sap. Lots of it.

Carrie’s butt decided to take a little of Moab along for a souvenir.

The sovereign trail has some cool stuff but overall, everything we have in the Grand Valley is much much better. Debate me if you will, but not until you ride everything we have to offer here. I think you’ll discover riding constant singletrack loops is far more fun than sandy jeep trails.

With the warmer than expected temps, we retreated to the Colorado River for some swimming. The river clay tried to eat my Chaco and half my leg but I was able to rescue them both…not without some good flailing though.

Carrie and a happy doodle

Today is the last day of summer. It’s sad but exciting that skiing is one season closer. Summer fun can still be had…it just means going deeper into the desert.

Enjoy God’s awesomeness!

Next up: Color Sunday at Powderhorn
Biking the Grand Valley
Skydiving in Moab
Late October exploration in Zion National Park


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