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Clean Out the Camera September 15, 2010

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I just went through my little point & shoot camera (which looks like its been dropped off a building and will probably die soon) and cleaned out the memory card. I was a little shocked at the randomness of things I found….

My chicas and I had a Lego night. Yep, we played with Legos. And it was awesome. In order to make it a little more mature we also drank a glass of wine. But we each really got into it. There was hardly any talking and you could just hear the scrape…scrape…scrape of the Legos as we hunted for pieces.

This little gal wandered by my office a couple weeks ago. Those ears are too cute. Looks like she got hit with some paintballs though.

Just kidding.

On Labor Day I saw the Rockies beat the Reds in their last minute sprint for Rocktober. That’s my boyfriend out there at shortstop. And this is my stalker girl photo.

Trudy and I had been getting along well at the time of this photo. However since then she has pooped on the living room floor while I was on dog sitting duty and has woke me up at 3am wanting to play tug-o-war with my socks….so we have some work to do still.

And finally, a pic of the sun shooting the gap between Mt. Garfield and the Mesa as it rose this morning.


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