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Big Horn Mountains August 23, 2010

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I’m back in the southern square from my northern square visit.

Colorado/Wyoming if you’re not tracking with me.

The week spent in Sheridan, WY was a good one as always. I arrived to find 10 people staying at my Mom’s house for our family reunion. It was craziness! But so fun to see cousins and kids of cousins that I hadn’t seen in years. After things settled down a bit I got to spend some time in the mountains I grew up in.

Black Tooth Mountain 13,018 ft. I really want to hike this one.

Biking around Park and Big Horn Reservoirs

I went to Tongue River Canyon with the intent to trail run. After only about a mile, it turned into fast hiking. So maybe I created something new- Riking.

The Needle’s Eye

We took my niece, Kiaya, on her first hikes. The first day we went to Little Goose Falls.

Kiaya behind the falls

Carefully sliding a 4 year old down some slick rock. Maybe Mom and Grandma wouldn’t appreciate this one.

How do you keep a 4 year old busy? Show them some minnows and tell them to catch one.

Mom, Gabe and I took Kiaya on another hike. This one quite a bit bigger at least when you’re that small. This is Steamboat Rock.

On the top

What a good week! Looking forward to going back at Thanksgiving.


One Response to “Big Horn Mountains”

  1. Red Says:

    Graduated Sheridan High 1963. Skied Antelope Butte when it first opened and had a rope tow. Skied second-hands until purchasing first new Head Skis, from Ernest’s Saddlery on Main (1962). Great memories!

    Packed into the Box Canyon several times trout fishing with my father. Both from the top at Steam Boat Rock and down the rock slide and from the campground at the bottom, up the trail alongside the Tongue. Great Rainbow and German Browns!

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