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Suspicious Circumstances August 17, 2010

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I’m enjoying a week in my hometown of Sheridan, Wyoming. It’s a great town located in northern WY right along the Big Horn Mountains. Population is probably right around 15,000. Maybe more, guess we’ll see when the census results are in.

One of the my favorite things to do over breakfast is read the police reports in the Sheridan Press. Some interesting stuff goes on around here…none of which is ever too dangerous (thankfully).

As I’ve posted before, here are my favorite reports in the last week quoted directly from the paper:

  • Bat on building. Sent for rabies testing.
  • Dead deer reported
  • Accident vehicle vs. deer; little damage to vehicle and deer ran off
  • Unoccupied vehicle rolled down street. No damages.
  • Deceased kitten
  • Threats- subject threatened to kill neighbor’s barking dog.  (I think this one may have been my Dad)
  • Open door found on Main Street
  • Suspicious person at Sibley Lake
  • Cattle at large
  • Abandoned boat trailer
  • Tree/shrubbery violation
  • Animal incident- two rattlesnakes killed in garage

I love this town!


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