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Olympian For a Day August 2, 2010

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My plans changed rather last minute this weekend and I ended up somewhere I never thought I’d be. The Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs!

Several friends from Ridgeline Fitness (where my roommate/personal trainer/best friend works and trains) were competing in the Rocky Mountain State Games in the Olympic weightlifting event. I tagged along to get a peek into the olympic world. I gotta say, it’s incredibly impressive! The training center houses athletes from all over the country and has top-notch training facilities for every sport. Obviously we spent most of our time in the weightlifting center. While our team was warming up on state-of-the-art equipment, I watched several wrestlers in a workout session. They were flipping huge tractor tires around and doing lunges with 75-90 pounds! I think they noticed me staring…well because I was standing right in front of them…and I had to be pulled away from this huge display of manliness.

The ladies went first and competed in the snatch and the clean & jerk.

Here’s Carrie on her snatch

A little trivia for you: the platform that you see here was the platform used in the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Pretty cool!

Carrie’s clean & jerk.

p.s. Aren’t those singlets cute? Ha! I could never walk around in one of those!

In the end, all of our ladies medaled! Janice (middle) is 71 years old, won her class, and is also a national champion. Shirley (right) is in her 50s and is also a national champion in her class. Strong ladies!

It was Adam’s turn next. Here’s his C&J. He’s lifting almost 200 pounds!

Medals for everyone!

We met this girl named Katie Uhlaender who turned out to be on the U.S. Skeleton team this year in Vancouver. This was her first weightlifting comp (she won) and she is on her way to qualify for the U.S. team making her just the 10th athlete to compete in both summer and winter olympics. Crazy! I hope to be seeing her on TV in the London games!

After the competition we gave ourselves a little tour of the campus. It was obvious that our athletes train hard with the best coaches and equipment this country has to offer.

Trying to get the most out of our weekend, we left Colorado Springs and headed up to the mountains. The plan was to meet up with our friend Tony and do a sunrise summit of Torreys Peak.

A sunrise summit requires that you get up at 0′ dark thirty when you’d rather be snuggly warm in your sleeping bag. We talked around the fire all night and watched the dogs do this….

so we didn’t get very much sleep at all.

I’ve never been night hiking before and it was absolutely amazing! Perfectly quiet, no one else on the trail, and moonlight making just the outlines of the peaks visible. Wow!

Unfortunately Carrie got sick and we were unable to summit. She was really beating herself up but sweating in a sauna to make weight, lifting all day, and then no sleep doesn’t seem like the perfect formula for summiting a 14er!

We watched a beautiful sunrise nonetheless

Tony, Carrie the burrito, me and the dogs below Torreys Peak

We’ll be back another day!


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