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Top of Colorado July 12, 2010

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The opportunity to spend some time above 10,000 feet presented itself this weekend. Carrie, Leah, The Doodle and I headed up to the Leadville area to attempt to tackle the first 14er of the summer.

Mt. Elbert is the highest peak in Colorado at 14,433 feet.

We got up early and hit the trail at 5:45am. It’s so hard to climb out of a warm sleeping bag sometimes but the hikes are totally worth it.

On the way up. Find the Doodle in this picture!

This dog will crop dust the trail all day long. How rude. It’s awful when you’re breathing hard and she drops a bomb….just awful.

Leah and Carrie approaching the summit

Made it!

Amazing views of peak after peak. You could see several other 14ers such as La Plata, Massive, Pyramid, Maroon Bells, Oxford and several other Collegiate Peaks.

It’s the coming down that makes me sore. If you spot me going down stairs today, just take it easy on me. I look like I’m trying to negotiate a minefield.

We got down just in time…the rain came with lots of people still up on the mountain. After the quick afternoon storm, the sun popped out again making the area even more beautiful! This is Mt. Massive, second highest in the state.

After another night camping we headed home via Aspen. We happened to walk into my favorite restaurant just as the World Cup finals started. The place was packed and we ended up staying for the whole game. It’s the first time watching soccer was fun!


2 Responses to “Top of Colorado”

  1. wow! those are some breath taking photos… makes me want to go for another hike…. the only 14er’s I’ve ever managed were Grey & Torres

    Thanks for sharing your adventures.

    • sarahallen24 Says:

      Those are both great! Love the views of the front range. You should definitely head to Leadville or Buena Vista and hike one of the many nearby.

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