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Birthday Presents July 7, 2010

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The younger you are, the more exciting your birthday. In your 9 year old mind it might as well be the national holiday of ME. A lot of presents are coming your way so it’s like Christmas…but you have no siblings to compete with. I saw a blog that had a few pictures of toys I used to own and it gave me that “Oh wow I used to have that, it was awesome!” feeling. Some of them I wish I still had, but toys usually break or get lost about 26 days after your birthday.

Today is my 28th birthday and presents aren’t really important anymore. But I went out and found pictures of my former birthday presents. It was a fun walk down memory lane…

Roller Racer! The commercials showed kids roaming all over town in their newfound freedom of the Roller Racer. Ours didn’t quite have handlebars like this, so when you hit a bump it ground the skin right off your little knuckles. 

The Koosh Ball. Came in a million colors. Fun to throw at your brother.

Hangin’ Tough by New Kids On The Block. I admit it, I had a pretty big NKOTB phase. Had the cassettes. Had the bracelets. Had the bed sheets. Yep…bed sheets.

And I played the tape in my fancy new Walkman! These things weighed about 10 pounds and would pull your pants right down if you actually clipped it to your waistband.

Aerobie Pro. If you threw these with even a tiny bit of effort they flew for about 300 yards! If I remember correctly, my cousin and I were playing with mine at the park by his house. It happened to be right next to a Coke distribution building. It flew right over the fence and landed on top of one of the trucks. The place was surrounded by fence with barbwire. Presumably to keep the sunscorched, sugar-loving kids out. Coca-Cola, you own me an Aerobie Pro.

Spirograph. I couldn’t ever get the hang of this. My stuff never looked cool like the pictures on the box. This thing had way too much geometry for me.

Popples! I don’t know who dreamed these things up but I really loved mine. So did our toy poodle who did quite the number on the hair and ears.

And lastly, the Super Soaker 50. These things were all the rage of neighborhoods across America. I had this one, only to be upstaged by my friend Jenny who got the Super Soaker 150. Then they came out with a 250 and then 300 which had a massive barrel and gajillion water tanks. Beyond that, you might as well just use the garden hose in the water fight. I bet the same marketing team behind the Super Soakers are now marketing the iPhone. As soon as you bought it, then came out with the bigger better version. 

Dang I really want to have a good ol’ fashioned water fight now!


2 Responses to “Birthday Presents”

  1. Jenny Says:

    I am just now seeing this and I just started laughing my arse off at the end… I don’t remember if I got this one later or what but I still have the Super Soaker XP (Xtra Power) 110… just tested it too and it still works!

  2. sarahallen24 Says:

    Yeah I just remember yours being HUGE! I could never win up against that thing.

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