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Shiny New Bike June 24, 2010

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Remember when you were little and getting a new bike was the biggest day of your entire year? All shiny and perfect. Then you tricked it out with streamers on the handlebars and those noise makers on the spokes. It was the “pimp your ride” for 9 year olds.

I got my first mountain bike when I was around 11 or 12 years old. It was a red Trek Antelope. I was pitching in a softball game on my birthday and I saw my Dad pull up with it in the back of the truck. It was so exciting! I think we won the game too…

There’s a theory among kids of all generations that new shoes make you run faster and jump higher. I thought new bikes had the same magic…ride faster, jump bigger curbs and look pretty slick at the same time. So I’m not too embarrassed to admit that I still have some of that same mentality. Apparently it didn’t disappear at puberty.

A week ago I got my new mountain bike. Just in the last year I’ve gotten back into biking so I took the plunge and got myself a shiny new Specialized Myka expert.

(Ha! Expert…that’s just for your ego)

Last weekend Carrie- the collegiate nationals competing mountain biking extraordinaire and I went and checked out the Western Rim trail (thanks to the Outdoor Junkie for the recommendation).

We camped out there so we could get up early and ride before it got too hot. Here’s my usual “view from bed” picture. That’s the Colorado River below and the La Salles on the horizon.

My childhood theory that my new bike would make me ride faster/better/stronger…well it was thoroughly proved wrong on this ride. While riding a mellow section of trail, I was gazing down at the river below. Out of nowhere my front tire runs up against a small (like 2 inch) rock ledge and my stomach slams into my handlebars. The forward motion continued as I flipped over the right handlebar and landed in a bush…with my bike still attached. Landing in the bush was nice. If you’re going to crash, a natural crash pad is sure nice.

At another point on the trail I was going to ride down a steep hill that had a sharp right turn in the middle of a couple technical spots. It wasn’t anything I’d never done before…but as I approached it something in my head went PANIC! and so I tried to clip out…which didn’t work and I went straight down onto my left knee. That one took a minute before I got back up.

Here I am in one of the rare moments actually ON my new bike

The ride out there is beautiful.

But….BUT…the biting gnats. I am a giant chew toy for these swarms of pure evil with wings.

Grand total: 44 bites! And one scuffed knee.

I need to redeem myself.


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