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Uganda Part 5, Sipi Falls June 21, 2010

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After a full week of work at the church and in the village, we got a little break to check out the area. Our wonderful hosts took us to Sipi Falls up on Mt. Elgon. It was so nice to get out and do even a small amount of hiking.

Sipi Falls

Hiking through a banana tree forest

Amanda and Carrie behind the falls

Carrie and I

Emmanuel (my translator) and I

On our last day out in the village, we saw the church officially begin with their first service. The place was packed! There were also at least 200 kids there. The youth group  dressed up acted out stories from the Bible to keep the kids entertained.

Not really sure where this scene is in the Bible….

After 6 days in Onyokello it was time to say goodbye. How do you say goodbye to faces like this?

On our last day in Uganda, we had the opportunity to visit a slum in Mbale. In this area we saw the poor of the poor. The homes are in tight quarters, there’s trash and waste everywhere, and many of the people are alcoholics. But it was awesome to be able to talk with them and give them hope.

I didn’t take many pictures there, but this really jumped out at me.

The next day we started the long trek home. But not without spending some time as tourists in London. I’ll get pictures together for the next post.


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