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Uganda part 4, Going to Prison June 18, 2010

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Outside of the home visits I did all week, I got to join a pastor for a prison ministry trip. A group of us bounced along dirt and patchy asphalt roads for almost 2 hours to arrive in Ngora. By the way, trying to pronounce an N and G together to form the appropriate sound….well it’s just about impossible for us Americans. And they got quite a kick out of listening to us try.

This is the Ngora jail, built in 1934

The prison team pastor told me that prisoners in Uganda are not fed or provided for by the government. So if you’re in jail, you rely on your family to bring you food and items you need. If they don’t, well then you don’t eat. The jail itself kind of made me laugh because even I could have escaped easily. But I get the feeling that’s really not a good idea so few people try it.

The prisoners were all men and extremely welcoming. I think many of them were only going to be there for a relatively short period of time thankfully. We all sat in the shade in the courtyard and each had a chance to share with the men. Many of them saw for the first time that their life has real purpose, given by their Creator. It’s so cool to see that click with people.

When we walked out, this bird was standing right outside.

It’s their national bird- the Crown Crane

Here’s a few shots of the markets.
Handmade beds

A bike shop!

Here’s a random photo for the day…

People always want to know what the bathrooms are like. It’s a basic human interest I suppose. Well here is a very clean bathroom. It even has a cover for the hole. There was usually more…stuff…on the ground in other bathrooms. You put your feet on the little pads, squat, and hope your aim is good. Doing this in an ankle length skirt while trying to hold TP over your nose for a slight break from the smell, well that made it pretty interesting. Throw in the fly and mosquito swatting and you’ve got yourself a genuine circus.


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