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Uganda part 3, Beautiful People June 16, 2010

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After our adventurous day rolling around in the mud, my next assignment was a day of home visits. We were each partnered up with a translator who can speak Tesso which is the language of this particular tribe. Uganda’s first language is now English followed by Lugandan. But there are up to 66 other tribes and languages in the country!

We walked around the region and talked with people, sharing the gospel and spreading the word of the upcoming free medical clinic which was held Wednesday-Friday. It was a joy to speak with lots of people. Everyone was extremely welcoming.

This is a typical home. Sorry it’s a little blurry, I took it from the van. Each home is made of mud/manure or brick topped with grass. They’re really nice and stay quite cool inside. They also have grain storages for the winter season and some banana or mango trees for shade. The area surrounding their home is where they grow their food. We saw a lot of potatoes, millet, maze, casava and some other things I can’t remember now. Goats, chickens and a cow or two are usually wandering around as well.

While out on the visits I found a baby chameleon and decided to bring her back to the church with me. I’d never seen one before and I thought the group may like to see it too. Turns out we had 45 minutes of walking to get back. I was holding Cami the Chameleon on a branch but she really wanted to be on me instead. I was trying to keep up and didn’t necessarily want her crawling all over me.

But I made it back with her safe and sound. We put her on my shirt to watch her change blue. Their hands are so cool!

After lunch it was time to play! So for the rest of this post, you’ll just see lots of cute, beautiful faces.


The folks like to dance…and in order to dance you gotta have loud music. Like put in your ear plugs volume. It’s crazy. When they have church, they have CHURCH! The little guy was getting down. Sorry he’s sideways.

Puts us Americans all to shame.


2 Responses to “Uganda part 3, Beautiful People”

  1. Traveler Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos! I have to visit this beautiful country and these wonderful people!

  2. mtbikergj Says:

    Love the photos and video!

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